Mission Statement
Real Life Theater uses the art of theater to reach, teach and encourage all people.

To impact the world by using the art of theater, video and film as a vehicle to teach and address life issues. To provide opportunities for self examination and change according to the word of God. It is also our goal to train young people to continue this legacy.

Value Statement
We Value People
We Value Theater
We Value Quality

What We Do (Our Purpose)
Real Life Theater Ministries uses theater, film, radio, and other media to promote the finding of solutions to everyday issues,while fostering a spiritual environment that reflects the glory of God and encourages individuals to grow in their devotions.

We conduct classes and workshops related to all aspects of theater, including playwriting, film, radio and other media to individuals of all ages in churches, schools, at conferences and other community groups to train and equip others to carry out our mission.

We also write produce and perform live theater productions including plays, skits, monologues, as well as other forms of outreach in the New Jersey and New York communities and globally.

We utilize the foregoing activities to cultivate unified communities that foster
Learning and experiences leading to understanding, appreciation and respect for diversity within the community.


Margaret Holtz is Founder/CEO of Real Life Theater Ministries. Her passion for theater began as a child. She is a native of North Carolina. She received a BFA in Theater from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts and a Master of Science Degree in Teaching from the New School of Social Research. She recently obtained a Certificate of Business from Essex County College. She has worked as an actress, dancer and singer on stage and in film, video and commercials.

She has also taught Middle School an High School English and Social Studies. She has worked as a Drama Teaching Artist.

Gregory A. Holtz, Sr., Artistic Director, is an actor/playwright/teacher from Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Howard University Drama Department. Among his acting credits are Jonin’ (Off Broadway), Michael Jackson’s Bad (Music video), America’s Most Wanted (TV) and Heavy (Featured film). Lifeline is his latest work. Other writings include Black Codes From the Underground (A Lincoln Center Director’s Production 1999), and Grandma’s Hands.

He worked as a Drama Teaching Artist throughout NY an NJ and is presently teaching drama in, Newark , NJ. He has also worked as an Arts educator with NJ State Council for the Arts, the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Playwriting in the Schools Program and Community Works.