Real Life Theater has a full repertoire of plays to present at your church or organization. We will work with you to select a production or skit. We can also create and write a skit that will address your theme . We have a troop of our own actors, but we are willing to work with people in your organization.

1. “Armed and considered Dangerous”
(Skit-Theme: Spiritual Warfare)
The book of Ephesians become the basic training manual for a troop of soldiers headed for Spiritual warfare.

2. ”Are You the Samaritan?”
One act: Theme Christmas Giving: based on the Samaritan story in Luke 10.

3. “Bondage”
Skit- Theme: Breaking generational Bonds)
Involuntary slavery of the past is paralleled with voluntary slavery today, i.e. Sexual Addiction, Acceptance, and Material Possessions.

4. “Goetz What?” (One Act play , Theme: Reconciliation/Salvation)
A would be mugging becomes a reunion of sorts, when a woman is accosted by a lonely subway platform. Life choices and the power of redemptive deliverance are examined in Goetz What?

5. ”Hebrews 11”
(A scriptural dramatization-Theme: (Faith)
Scripture is brought to Life with the aid of drums and percussion in this stirring spoken word styled presentation.

6. ”Hell Bound Train”
Passengers bound for Glory…or so they think…find themselves on a train bound for Hell.

7. ”Keep Hope Alive”
Skit Theme: (Missions)
An outreach worker “reaches out” to bring hope to a homeless person mired in hopelessness.

8. “Lesson for Professor Walker”
Skit Theme: ( Depression)
An unemployed professional comes to grips with depression after numerous rejections in his job quest.

9. “Look At Me”
Skit-Theme: (Racial reconciliation within the body of Christ)
Imagine if we could truly see ourselves in others and have others see themselves in us. Look At Me explores racial, class and cultural reconciliation.

10. “The Christmas We All Know”
Skit-Theme: Holiday depression/the true meaning of Christmas
In this skit, a divorced couple faces depression and anxiety caused by economic expectations of Christmas.

11. “We’re All Connected”
One-act play with audience participation-Theme: (keeping covenants) Using the story of Achan, a young student learns the importance of keeping a covenant.

12. “Where’s Bobby”
One-act play with workshop component-Theme: Parental denial)
A sixteen year old feels “invisible” to parents who equate material things for love. Where’s Bobby examines parental denial and explores what can happen even to “good Kids” when parents allow for too much autonomy.

Scenes 15 minutes or less are $250.00 per performance.
One act plays are 15 or more minutes are $500.00. Second show same day is an additional $250.00