A Dramatic Stage Production About Choices with Eternal Consequences

The play, “Lifeline” was conceived by Margaret and Gregory Holtz, written by Gregory Holtz and directed by Noble Lee Lester.

Cumbre Vieja, a volcano in the Canary Islands has erupted and as predicted has caused death and destruction to millions. The after shocks have resulted in a devastating tsunami that  with its one hundred foot waves, has reached as far away as New York City. New Yorkers are left to seek higher ground. “Lifeline” examines the lives of six tsunami victims who find themselves seeking refuge on a warehouse rooftop. Charles, Brenda, Levant, Queen, Devin and Tiffany, all from various walks of life, grapple with survival as they anxiously await a possible rescue that would come in the form of a helicopter’s lifeline. Their time on the roof is further spent by reflecting back on their varied lives.